High Performance Zen and Work with Wendy

Helping Athletes and Their Parents Achieve Wellness for Life

What is High Performance Zen?

These are the tenets of deep health that are available to you when you understand and apply the fundamentals of physical, mental, and social wellbeing that are enhanced with solid sleep, and mindfulness practices that enhance your self awareness and help you to clarify your own personal philosophy and purpose for your life.
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High performance zen course

Maximize your ability to convert potential to high performance through the manifestation of greater self-awareness and alignment on and off the court.
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Trade Disconnection
for Deep Health

Have you ever felt like you’re trying to balance a thousand plates on your head while walking down a flight of stairs? As if, at any moment, your footing will slip and everything will come crashing down?

I’ve been there too: battling perfectionism and overwhelm, chasing worthiness through my (and my children’s) sports performance, and generally feeling like my mental health has been hijacked by my overactive nervous system.

This is called living from the outside-in (instead of the inside-out), and it is NOT the recipe for healthy relationships or a fulfilled, whole life.

But I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be this way!

Coaching for all Dimensions of 
Athletic Wellness

My 8-week High Performance Zen Course focuses on more than just performance enhancement in athletics. Instead, we start with the cornerstones of deep health and work our way up from there, equipping athletes and parents alike with the life skills they need to know themselves and connect with others.
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The Nervous System

• Review sympathetic and parasympathetic states.
• Discover how our nervous system state impacts our perspective and ability to learn and grow.
• Define your ideal balance for productive flow.

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Sleep Quality

• Understand your circadian rhythm.
• Define the ideal sleep conditions for your lifestyle and goals.
• Learn why and how to develop good sleep hygiene.

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• Brush up on the science behind mindfulness.
• Start your own mindfulness practice.
• Engrain it into your daily life with a personalized program and resources that make it easy.

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Aligned Movement

• Explore neuroplasticity, and find out what happens to your mind when you move.
• Discover how to enjoy the process, not the outcome.
• Use tools like yoga to create space in your mind and body.

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• Explore your backstory and free yourself from any shame or guilt.
• Learn why it is imperative to know your passion.
• Create your own personal philosophy that serves as a lens for your life.

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And Beyond!

• Apply pillars of hydration and nutrition.
• Use time blocking, goal setting, and more to help you achieve great results.
• Learn how to turn your passion into your Massive Transformational Purpose.

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Finally Experience High
Performance Zen

By learning and applying the tools in my High Performance Zen course, not only will you see performance enhancement, but you will finally find the calm, connection, and greater flow state you’ve been searching for.


Stop operating in fight or flight mode and improve your mental, emotional, physical, and social health when you bring calm to your life and learn to focus on being instead of doing.


By actively creating calm and safety in your life, you will find deeper connection with yourself, your friends and family, your community, and your world.

Spend Time
In Flow

With more calm and meaningful connection, we’ll show you how to make choices that will allow you to spend more time in flow state, creating sustainable success that doesn’t lead to overwhelm or burnout.

Full HPZ Course and Annual
Membership Options

Are you ready for a complete overhaul of your social health, emotional wellness, and mental state of well-being? Or are you simply looking for some quality support to keep you from feeling burnt out? Either way, I have coaching options that will fit your needs.

High Performance Zen
Self Paced 8 Unit Course

This course gives athletes and their parents the tools and support they need to grow their self-awareness to become better athletes, teammates, and humans.
  • Self-Paced Eight Unit Course on the pillars of deep health that will help you sustain high levels of performance, maintain connected relationships & find meaning behind why you work & what you do.
  • A hard copy of 365 Days of Optimism.
  • 10 Ways to Maintain Your Optimism in Uncertain Times downloadable PDF
  • High Performance, Deep Connection video, featuring Carli Lloyd
  • High Performance Gift Guide
  • Lifetime access to digital course
Total Value: $999
Your Investment: Only $95 
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Be Better Community Membership

The monthly membership offers you an ongoing community and supplemental resources that help you stay on track throughout your health and wellness journey.
  • Access to Everyday Optimism every Monday through Friday.
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Group with 3 Facebook Live Monday Night Exclusives discussing the weekly TOJ blog, how it relates to the pillars of High Performance Zen, and more!
  • Monthly Guest Speaker, focusing on key tools and strategies for mental, emotional, physical, and social health.
  • 10% Discount on Merchandise and Courses in Be Better Shop.
  • Monthly Member Only Discounts for a variety of Be Better Connections services and products. Stay tuned!
  • $5 off purchase of Wendy's book
  • 10 Ways to Maintain Your Optimism in Uncertain Times downloadable PDF
Total Value: $600
Your Investment: $9.95/year
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Are You Ready to Invest in Total Health & Wellness?

As an athlete (and parent to athletes) myself, I know it can feel counterintuitive to invest in yourself in a way that does not directly target athletic performance. But the more I’ve learned about cultivating lifelong joy in sports (no matter what level), the more convinced I become that mental, emotional and social health is just as important.

I want you to experience for yourself what it’s like to experience more flow state in your life, on and off the court. I want you to be able to perform at a high level and understand the pillars of deep health that cultivate connection, create leaders, and avoid anxiety & burnout. The question is: what do you want for you?

Avoid the Regret of Falling Short of Your Full Potential

• When you haven’t yet learned intimate self-awareness…

• When you don’t know how to calm your nervous system and optimize your neurochemistry…

• When your life is not characterized by calm and genuine connection…

…then there’s no way you can reach your full potential, on or off the court.
Avoid burnout, broken relationships, and the regret that comes from not optimizing your talents by learning the secrets of High Performance Zen.

Meet Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones is a mother of four, writer, coach, and founder of Be Better with Wendy Jones. She has a passion for healing generational trauma and teaching the next generation to turn their struggles into strengths.

Wendy believes that our own self awareness is the greatest gift we can give to the next generation. To cultivate that awareness, we must develop an understanding of how to regulate our nervous systems and connect our mind, body, and spirit.

She teaches tools for this in her High Performance Zen course, her Reiki practice, her book 365 Days of Optimism, and The Optimists Journal Blog, helping athletes and their families to cultivate calm and connection, and, ultimately, reach their greatest potential on and off the court.

“Wendy is tuned in to the frequency we all need to be on.”
Parker K.
Graduated Division 1 Athlete
“Wendy is the real deal. She writes and supports people from the heart. Her story is absolutely incredible, and as a mother and business owner myself, I appreciate her ability to share authentically from her lived experience in the cauldron of generational consciousness to help shed light on what works, what motivates, and what can help us to heal and become whole.”
Emily HIghtower
Human Resilience Specialist
Connection - when it happens between two people it is magical and meaningful. With Wendy it’s also natural and easy. Wendy easily spanned generations and achieved that connection with me and my 17 year old daughter, guiding and encouraging us through the NCAA D-1 recruiting process for beach volleyball. Ever present, always positive with a kind word from the heart and expertise from her life’s work. Working with Wendy from the East Coast has been seamless. Can’t say enough good things.
Paula T., Parent, Virginia

What is “Wellness for Life”?

As athletes (and the parents of athletes), we are often hyper-focused on sports performance. But a sustainable journey that includes peak performance, healthy relationships, and the discovery of our true selves, happens when we shift our focus to our overall health and wellness. This is how we avoid anxiety and burnout and understand the intrinsic value of our gifts and talents and how to use them to connect with ourselves and the people around us. Join Wendy and our Be Better Member Community to align your mind, body & spirit and connect with likeminded people in a calm environment that supports you on your journey to transform potential into high performance.
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