Youth Stress & Overtraining

Overuse and Overstrain are huge issues right now in young athletes. Acupuncturist and Yoga Instructor Amanda Lee Murphy talks about healing and cross training to disrupt patterns of repeated motion patterns that happen with specialization in sport.

This generation of athletes spends more time training than any in history and unfortunately it’s common to see overuse and overstrain injuries. Greater self awareness is at the root of figuring out the reasons why young athletes get into an overtraining routine that doesn’t place enough emphasis on rest and recovery. Whether it’s coach driven, high college aspirations, parental pressure, insecurities or a feeling of not being good enough, or an honest love of the game, it’s important for athletes to understand the ways that overtraining can hurt instead of help their game. In this video, Amanda talks about the ways she facilities conversations between athletes and parents to discover the motivating factors for their drive, the negative effects of “helicopter parenting”, and how an appointment that was made to remedy a physical ailment can be a treatment for the mind, body and spirit. Often our bodies will tell stories that our words cannot yet explain. Amanda’s expertise in finding the connection between these two honest places helps athletes discover their healthiest selves, not just for sport but for life. Amanda Lee Murphy, an incredibly insightful, intelligent, and compassionate acupuncturist, recognized as a Top 25 Yoga Influencer by LA Entrepreneur Magazine and based in Manhattan Beach. Her contributions to the local volleyball community help keep athletes performing at the top of their game and her insight helps align mind, body & spirit that creates amazing athletes and even better human beings.

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