Wendy's Water P.T. Experience

Wendy finds deep muscle release through a new method of water physical therapy, created by Teal Levine PT. This amazing method of healing pinpoints body imbalances and helps muscles let go of tension and strain.

My body feels stronger and healthier after only three water therapy sessions with my friend, Teal Levine PT. Teal is an amazing physical therapist who is creating a new style of water physical therapy that combines the weightlessness of water to release muscles, with movement that opens hard to reach places in the body. She’s still experimenting with this combination of myofascial release, craniosacral unwinding, and water physical therapy, so I happily volunteered to try it out. After our sessions, I can feel my body releasing tension and stress, and accessing places I can’t access on land. The fascinating part is that I feel stronger too, without ever touching a weight. We always think we need intense exercise to strengthen muscles, when sometimes our bodies are craving the opposite. In the water, I can fully let go of muscle tension and effort, which builds more sustainable strength in properly working muscles. The way Teal intuitively guides my body through the water shows her deep knowledge of the body and understanding of how it affects our minds and overall well-being. She says the water pinpoints imbalances in the body that need attention, and she feels what areas to focus on each step of the way. Taking care of our bodies is so important to our overall physical and mental health and can’t say enough amazing things about Teal and the healing work she is doing.

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