Wendy on Brigadoon Radio

Brigadoon Radio features Wendy discussing her book, 365 Days of Optimism, and the inspiration of facing challenges of sports, parenting, relationships, and life’s curveballs will a growth mindset and positivity that spreads to others.

Life is full of challenges but facing them with mindfulness and optimism builds deeper strength to keep going, and spreads positivity to others. As an athlete, storyteller, and divorced parent of four kids, I have found that taking care of myself and creating healthy habits of mindfulness and awareness is essential for my overall wellbeing. Taking care of myself, mentally and physically, allows me to show up for others in my life. It takes daily effort to work towards showing up as our best selves and learning from the times we fall short. Brigadoon Radio features and interview with me discussing my motivation and inspiration behind my blog, The Optimist Journal, and my book, 365 Days of Optimism. My passion is sharing stories that can motivate others to live healthy lifestyles and build confidence while seeking physical and mental growth. The hard things we face offer constant opportunities for building strength and self-awareness. When we focus on what we can control, and how to face our own challenges with mindfulness, we inspire others to do the same. I love the idea that we can create a butterfly effect that spreads positivity and optimism throughout our world, making it a better place for all.

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