Wendy Inspired By TVA

Wendy thanks her new friends at Triumph Volleyball Academy for how amazing they are, and how inspired she is by them for their spirit plus how they are growing the sport in the heartland of America.

I am in awe of my amazing new friends at Triumph Volleyball Academy. I wanted to take a moment to thank them for sharing their inspiring spirit and deep love of the game, and for helping grow and spread this wonderful sport in Madera, CA. Witnessing the community and joyful family atmosphere of TVA brings back fond memories of my own experiences, when my son would come play volleyball with me at a young age. This sport truly has the power to bring people together and make a difference in the lives of those who share in it. I had tears in my eyes to see coaches and their kids playing together and bonding through a shared love of the game. They’re creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime, and strengthening relationships by connecting parents, athletes, and coaches. I’m so thankful to TVA for sharing their passion on the court with me and allowing their hearts for the game to inspire others. We need more of this positive, uplifting training to not only build strong athletes, but to also instill solid values and character to help kids navigate life on and off the volleyball court. This is how we build up humans who will inspire change in the world.

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