Triumph Volleyball Academy Philosophy

Triumph Volleyball Academy owners Steve and Danene Guglielmana discuss with BBV Founder Wendy Jones how from the start TVA has not been an exclusive "club" but an inclusive place to for kids to play, learn and grow through a Christian foundation of spiritual connection. Their goal is not to drive kids to "be" the best, but to "do" their best.

What if winning had nothing to do with trophies and.scholarships and everything to do with learning how to be ourselves and trust that we are enough just as we are today. With all the pressure that social media and iPhone culture create around comparison and achievement for young people today, Triumph Volleyball Academy is a place where kids can show up and do just that. Steve and Danene Guglielmana have created space for kids where spirtual growth and athleticism go hand in hand. Athletes at TVA discover what it means to have faith in God and how that translates to their self worth and enjoyment of the experience of playing volleyball...and they have done some winning and sent kids to college to play too! These coaches and founders know that the trophies are secondary to the relationships that are formed as they learn the game and inspire others, whether coaches or players to share their stories that create lasting relationships. Their Christian faith is on fire as they transform the pain that they experienced losing their first born son in a devastating car accident into something that is deeply rewarding to so many athletes and coaches. When we find a place in life where we can be ourselves, we are able to become better athletes and people by being more instead of feeling like we need to do more.

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