The Mindset Connection

Wendy chats with pro and college volleyball coach, Jeff Alzina, about the qualities that lead to making a mark on the world. Skills that are backed by a foundation of strong values and principles inspire the confidence to pursue passions with enthusiasm and optimism.

Jeff Alzina made his mark very early by becoming one of the first fulltime beach volleyball coaches. He discusses his thoughts on the qualities that allow people to make an impact on the world. He describes an intangible quality that you can feel around certain people who are truly comfortable in their skin and exude confidence in all areas of life. I love Jeff’s example of knowing what you believe so strongly, that no question is too hard to answer. Your values are so deeply ingrained in who you are and what you do, that they guide your words and actions. Whether someone is having a conversation, playing a sport, or even serving a cup of coffee, a solid grounding in their own set of beliefs and principles is what shows and spreads to others. Believing good things will happen is the foundation to the action they take to make good things happen. There’s no short supply of skilled athletes in the world, but skills only get you so far without the right mindset and perspective to take you the rest of the way. Athletes with enthusiasm, passion, and optimism believe in something bigger than themselves, and that is what makes a lasting mark.

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