She's Goin' To College!

Sydney Shaw is TVA's first collegiate beach recruit and headed to Arizona Christian University. Her gratitude and excitement for the game and life was contagious. Her work ethic, athleticism, excitement for the game, and the things she has learned through her relationship with her dad/coach help make her the coachable athlete that she is. What a blessing she will be to their program.

Meet Sydney Shaw, a multipart athlete and Triumph Volleyball Academy’s first player to earn a scholarship for beach volleyball. This kid has a contagious energy and confidence about her that her teammates at Arizona Christian University are going to love when she starts in the Fall of 2021. Her story of discovering beach volleyball because of the access she had to the facility at Triumph is a volleyball success story on how to elevate the life of one athlete and continue to grow the game and volleyball community. She is an incredible ambassador for the sport, humble, hard working, with a spirit that lifts others while she works to perform her best every time she steps on the court. I loved her sense of adventure when she talks about living in a new state and heading to the “big city” of Glendale, AZ and the pride that she feels for her valley roots. Her love for the sport is a testament to the bond she shares not only with Triumph Volleyball Academy but the positive coaching relationship that she had with her dad and coach that allowed her to excel and keep a positive attitude through her journey to college. I’m excited to follow her career, she is an incredible example of a student/athlete with incredible passion for the game. She put it best when she said : “If sand volleyball wasn’t here in Madera, I wouldn’t be going to to college on a scholarship.” Well done Sydney, thanks for sharing your energy with me. Beach volleyball is lucky to have you!

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