Reset & Rehab

Former AVP Chiropractor Frank Amato discusses the benefits of reseting the musculoskeletal system through adjustment, and the gamifying of rehabilitation in order to increase recovery and performance. He also chats about diagnosis of an injury or impingment to get to the source of the problem.

At any stage of an athletic career, repetitive motion can cause a host of problems such as restricted motor patterns, impinged joint mobility, and loss of neurological connection to healthy movement patterns. In this conversation, Dr. Frank Amato talks about his process for detecting problems in the body and teaching athletes how to create awareness around these spaces. His brilliant use of curiosity and desire to not only apply what he has learned over his career but also what he can learn from others in the health and wellness community is something that I have benefitted from in my own healing process. Frank helps athletes understand that resetting motor patterns is only the beginning of a lifelong process that when understood from a younger age creates greater athletic success and a longer career with less pain and mobility problems. One of the things I admire most about Frank is that he is passionate about cultivating body awareness in his patients so that they have their own tools to stay mobile and healthy outside of his care. As kids begin to play at younger ages, it’s important to help them understand their bodies and the cycle of reset and reinforcement that will be necessary to stay healthy over a career that can span much of their lifetime. Frank is one of the pillars of my health community that has taught me how to listen to my body and address the dysfunctional motors patterns that arise and I’m grateful to him for helping my kids learn these important lessons at a younger age than I did. Frank Amato is a licensed Chiropractic Orthopedist. His practice, The Center, is located in Hermosa Beach where he has helped countless volleyball athletes return to play in a safe way and always with regard for their mind, body & spirit.

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