Real Friends

Player, coach and commentator Jason Dibelius shares the story of his friend and volleyball partner Eugene Escaboza, who gave him all of his winnings one summer to make sure Jason could continue college - and how you bet Jason got straight A's after that.

Volleyball is not just a sport, it’s a community. One of the many reasons that I call this amazing coach, commentator and podcaster a friend is because of his inclusive sense of community and loyalty to his family and friends. In this conversation, Jason tells the story of Eugene Escobedo, a volleyball teammate and friend that extending him a huge token of generosity to help him get his education. It’s experiences like these that illustrate how adversity in life, meet with strong community support creates better human beings. With stories like this one, it’s easy to see why Jason’s appreciation for life is contagious and his desire to see the good in people and include them in his story unparalleled. To practice and compete as a team builds bonds of friendship that can be as strong as family and Jason always inspires me with his ability to be himself and yet let others do the same. Our friendship is a perfect case in point, we couldn’t be more different in volume, accent, and energy but our community and connection roots are what create our bond. Understanding the goodness in others helps us discover that same goodness in ourselves and this story of friendship will do just that.

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