Player POV: Kristin Nuss & Taryn Kloth

BBV Founder Wendy Jones meets AVCA '21 National Pair of the Year Kristin Nuss & Taryn Kloth as they discuss thier strengths together and how their families have played such a strong role in their success.

What I love about writing my blog is that it has connected me with the amazing stories of other people. I came to Coconut Beach because of one of these connections and seeing LSU stars Kristen Nuss & Taryn Kloth in their professional beach debut on their home turf was at the top of my list for making the trip. After chatting with them and watching them play, and win the tournament, I have no doubt they are beach volleyball history in the making…looking like the next generation Kerri & Misty out there. When you pair incredible skill, nearly limitless potential, growth mindset, team chemistry, positivity, compassion, kindness, and inclusion at every level, this pair hasn’t even scratched the surface on the greatness they will achieve. In our court side chat before the tournament started, we talked everything from their starts in beach volleyball, to how birth order and family structure affects our competitive mindset, to staying calm under pressure, and the ways that these incredible partners support each other on and off the court. They’ve only played together one year and are tough to beat…even as they rise to the next level of the game. Not only are they here to win but do it in a way that inspires the next generation and shows that competing that highest levels can be done with inclusion for every volleyball player and fan out there. Accessible, optimistic, and down to earth as they come…following their journey on the beach is going to be one of the greatest things about volleyball for years to come!

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