Player POV: Hailey Harward, Julia Scoles, Ashlyn Pope, & Olivia Blackburn

BBV Founder Wendy Jones meets Athletes Hailey Harward, Julia Scoles, Ashlyn Pope & Olivia Blackburn as they discuss what they do off the court to stay grounded and positive.

The atmosphere was so great at Coconut Beach it was not easy to get an interview done…but the thoughts from these four incredible Christian athletes are worth hearing! Representing the amazing collegiate teams of USC, LSU, & TCU at the AVP Next, these four were not only fun to watch but their awareness of who they are as people was inspiring. With the amount of time it takes to be a student/athlete, it may seem that their isn’t a lot of time left over for socializing, down time, and rest. The irony in that is that these are integral pieces of what keep athletes competing at the top of their game and help us gain understanding of who we are outside of practice and competition. After I watched them battle it out on the court, they joined me to talk about what helps them keep balance and perspective in their life off the court. From time outdoors, morning quiet time rituals with the Bible, the power of music and singing, to time spent with friends, these women have more than just their volleyball game figured out. Watch out for these amazing women on the beach, they are incredible role models for young athletes with aspiration to compete on any level.

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