Family Sport

Triumph Volleyball Academy owners Steve and Danene Guglielmana share with BBV Founder Wendy Jones what a great activity beach volleyball is for the whole family.

Steve & Danene Gugielmana know what a great sport volleyball is for the whole family. After losing their oldest son Landon, a volleyball player who was a freshman at Limestone College in South Carolina, their faith led them to build Triumph Volleyball Academy in the middle of the vineyards in Madera, CA where their mission to train not only good athletes but strong faith filled people has come to fruition. Watching their other four children play together reminded me so much of my own. The community of parents, players, and coaches working together to grow the game, build community, and live a fun and healthy lifestyle in a place most people would not expect to see beach volleyball courts is an amazing example of what belief, even in the most difficult times, can do for a family or community. The bonds that are built through sport in families can continue generation after generation and provide a rewarding and character building experience from the youngest ages. Whether playing balloon volleyball over the couch or a tournament at their facility, this family has used their incredible faith to use one of the most terrible experiences life can bring to build a place that builds community and confidence in kids one life at a time.

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