Escape By Volleyball

BBV Founder Wendy Jones meets with player, coach and commentator Jason Dibelius and hears of his troubled youth, and inner city escape through volleyball which led him on a journey around the world and to eventually a career of sharing his knowledge with others.

The first time I sat down to talk with Jason Dibelius was over two years ago. We talked for two hours and have been friends ever sense. Casey Jennings, legendary volleyball player and husband of Olympic legend Kerri Walsh Jennings, said we needed to put our heads together and he was right. Besides our friendship, Jason is a guy that I knew needed to be part of the Be Better at Volleyball platform because it’s rare to meet someone with more passion for the game and a head full of knowledge to go with it. He can quote statistics and player names back to the 1980’s better than anyone I have ever come across in the volleyball community. In this conversation, Jason gets real about his upbringing, military service, and escape from trauma that volleyball provided for him. Jason is a New Yorker with a loud voice, big brain, and even bigger heart. His podcast, The Option, is a fantastic conversation on volleyball and current events and one of the things I love most about him is that he is a critical thinker and will not be pinned down by party line beliefs when it comes to politics. He is an original, a chivalrous guy, and a great volleyball coach. His story of how volleyball provided him an escape from a difficult day to day existence is a story of resilience and hope you won’t want to miss. WARNING - THIS INTERVIEW CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE

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