Decrease Inflammation

Accupuncturist and Yoga Instructor Amanda Lee Murphy discusses how important it is for athletes to decrease inflammation in their bodies, and how acupuncture and cupping work toward that goal.

One of the things I wish I would have understood at a younger age was the role that my nervous system played on my athletic performance and on the greater stage of life. In this video, Amanda talks about the importance of decreasing inflammation in our systems and the ways that Eastern Medicine can help a nervous system down regulate in order to reduce inflammation so that as athletes we can be better at what we do on the court. Beyond our athletic performance, inflammation is at the root of many degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and many others. The way we treat our bodies when we are younger has a direct impact to our health in the later years of our lives. One of the principles I always talk about with my kids is that everything is connected, the decisions we make today make a difference tomorrow and for years to come. If we learn to maintain good habits young, like taking care of our bodies to reduce inflammation, we set ourselves up for a longer and happier life. I am reminded every time I step out on the court, all of the things that I have learned in the years leading up to this point, and Amanda’s knowledge and experience are the perfect accompaniment to what I have intuitively known as an aging athlete and wish I would have known younger. The earlier we learn and take advantage of recovery techniques like acupuncture and cupping, the better we will feel and play far into the future.

Amanda Lee Murphy, an incredibly insightful, intelligent, and compassionate acupuncturist, recognized as a Top 25 Yoga Influencer by LA Entrepreneur Magazine and based in Manhattan Beach, CA. Her contributions to the local volleyball community help keep athletes performing at the top of their game and her insight helps align mind, body & spirit that creates amazing athletes and even better human beings.

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