Being Present

AVP Chiropractor Frank Amato discusses being present and having a safe place to be at peace. He speaks of how to apply the passion of sports to other aspects of your life, and how being disconnected from that safe place creates bigger issues.

In this conversation with Frank Amato, you will see why I call this talented Chiropractic Orthopedist a sage. From the first time I visited his office for my own volleyball injuries on a referral from Troll Subin at The Yard in Hermosa Beach, I knew I had struck gold. Frank and I have had conversations like this one for well over three years each time I go in for an appointment and I credit him for getting me back out on the court after my knee surgery. His ability to drill down and heal neurological motor patterns is amazing. When he’s working with his patients, he is in flow much of the time because he found his passion, turned it into a healing purpose, and strives for presence and peace without sacrificing his desire to learn and hone his craft. In this conversation he talks about the importance of athletes creating a safe space so that they can learn the benefits of being present and access flow state on a regular basis. His experience with injuries has given him valuable insight on what injured athletes can do to maintain that safe space during a recovery period after they have been injured. The inspired care and calm he provides his patients is a safe space where an athlete feel can feel positive energy even when physically they are not at their best. I’m grateful Frank was willing to have these conversations with me, he’s a quiet guy living out his purpose daily and making a difference in my family’s and so many other family’s lives every day. His insight, whether online or in his office is golden. Frank Amato is a licensed Chiropractic Orthopedist. His practice, The Center, is located in Hermosa Beach where he has helped countless volleyball athletes return to play in a safe way and always with regard for their mind, body & spirit.

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