Acupuncture & Cupping

Acupuncturist and Yoga instructor Amanda Lee Murphy discusses how Acupunture and Cupping are proven scientifically to benefit athletes. Pound for Pound Collegen is stronger than steel and Acupuncture and Cupping can work to break up bound tissues so that our bodies can respond to properly to the communication from our nervous systems.

Did you know that collagen makes up our connective tissue and is stronger than steel? That means when we tear a ligament or a tendon, we have effectively pushed hard enough to break through steel! Collagen is what makes up the fascia in our bodies that covers all of our muscles. This generation of athletes is the first to compete with the understanding that fascia is an integral part of our anatomy and communicates with our nervous system. When this tissue is injured or impaired, so is its ability to communicate with our nervous system and our performance on the court is adversely impacted. With this understanding, an acupuncturist like Amanda can use acupuncture and cupping to improve the health of this important tissue to reduce inflammation, break up adhesions, and heal the tissues with a natural and holistic approach.

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