A New Vision for Volleyball

TVA Coach Eric Cisneros and BBV Founder Wendy Jones talk about her dream of connecting players, coaches and parents, and growing the sport in the heart of America, not just from the same 3 blocks of beach in Southern California, which in turn lifts the entire sport.

There is an incredible intersection where potential and growth collide when we connect as athletes, coaches, & parents. I know that one of the best ways we can make this connection happen is by uncovering the stories of the people elevating the game the way they are at Triumph Volleyball Academy. While you won’t find Olympians out here (yet!), what you will find are committed coaches, parents and athletes, many of whom play more than one of those roles. In this conversation with Eric Cisneros, we talked about how building a positive and compassionate training environment helps athletes new to the game continue to have the desire to get better. The culture that was started with Coach G, founder of Triumph Volleyball Academy, that emphasized learning and character development and lets the competitive spirit grow from there creates a hard working but safe and inclusive space for athletes to get better. Many athletes, come here without any previous beach volleyball experience but what I saw in the day that I spent there, there is no limit to their potential and love for the game. Positive coaching and incredible growth for the athlete and the sport are happening in the middle of the vineyards in the San Joaquin Valley!

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