Our mind is what connects us with intentional awareness.

“The journey to our own self awareness is the greatest gift we can give the next generation.” - Wendy Jones

Build Your Mind

We live in a world of constant distraction, phones, social media, and endless competing interests for our time. This world tries to convince us that we can multitask our way to success while our attention slips away like the sand at high tide. But the truth is, whether on the court or in any area of our life, joy, and flow, are found in the present moment. It takes dedicated work to train our minds to lock in and ground ourselves in the experience that is right now, whether that experience is a high point or a time of struggle. One thing is for sure, the ebb and flow of life is inevitable. There is so much that we encounter every day that is out of our control and the way we meet our life experience is directly related to the way we train our mind.

Our minds shape our experiences, the way we see ourselves and believe what we are capable of accomplishing. Training our minds to stay present and use struggles to shape new strengths has massive effects on what is possible on our journey. Whether we are our worst critic or our biggest fan is up to the mindset that we create. When we learn to support our minds with tools that strengthen our ability to stay present, we learn to channel inner strength that connects us to the bigger world around us. From this place we are able to see where we can grow, understand which voices and patterns in our lives to follow, and tell the difference between our inner critic and the places within ourselves where real growth can take place.

As athletes, we are asked to learn new things to get better at what we do on the court. To maximize our talent, we have to train our minds not to stray from the struggle that is inevitable before we master a skill. A growth mindset allows us to lock in and stay with the struggle so that we can find flow on the other side. From this place, we respond to challenges and learn to see the patterns that create every win, big or small, and establish ourselves as leaders on the court and in our own lives. Come learn from the stories of people who have worked to develop their own growth mindset and helped others do the same so that we can thrive in the present moment and honor the gifts and talents we have been given to their fullest potential.

MIND: Latest Video

The Mindset Connection

Wendy chats with pro and college volleyball coach, Jeff Alzina, about the qualities that lead to making a mark on the world. Skills that are backed by a foundation of strong values and principles inspire the confidence to pursue passions with enthusiasm and optimism.
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Beach Volleyball Coaching Roundtable

A quick chat with Jason Dibelius, Jarren Barredo, and Jeff Alzina highlights the importance of how coaches and athletes learn from and inspire each other while navigating generational differences in perspectives and technology.

Discipline & Rising to the Top

Wendy talks with Olympian and pro volleyball player, Brooke Sweat, about the discipline that comes from playing sports, and how it helps her focus on goals and avoid distractions on the journey towards success.

Game of Life

Wendy chats with Travis Mewhirter and Delaney Mewhirter about finding optimism as lifelong athletes and pro volleyball players. They share insight into how important it is to maintain positive mindsets and focus on what they can control on the volleyball court.

Business & Impact Theory with surprise guest

Tom Bilyeu, co-founder and host of Impact Theory, knows all about making an impact by sharing stories. Wendy chats with him about what he believes is most important in building a thriving business that connects to the hearts and minds of others.

Book Wendy for Your Event

Wendy talks about our job as parents and coaches to pass our knowledge and experiences onto younger generations, with the goal of building up mindful athletes who know the value of hard work in facing life’s challenges with purpose and clarity. Book Wendy to speak and inspire your group.

Balance As Parent & Coach

Eric Cisneros, TVA Coach talks with Wendy Jones about how to make coaching your own child a positive experience. From the benefits of values based coaching to adding value to someone elses life to making memories, he understands the intrinsic value that the game can bring to our relationships and families.

Stories To Tell

Player, coach and commentator Jason Dibelius shares his thoughts on inspiring a kid with a dream. First you never tell a kid they can't do something, but then also be very honest with them about the challenges that they will run into along the way.

Mechanic In A Room Of Ferraris

Player, coach and commentator Jason Dibelius humorously compares how a mechanic in a roomfull of Ferraris looks like a genius when his work is easy, vs. a better mechanic can work miracles with a lesser automobile, much in the same way as a coach of thoroughbred athletes may not be as good as the coach who works miracles with underdogs.

Sense of Being, Over Doing

Former AVP Chiropractor Frank Amato discusses with BBV Founder Wendy Jones her notion of "Being, over Doing" and how even his business and chiropractic practice are forms of his own self-expression.

Being Present

AVP Chiropractor Frank Amato discusses being present and having a safe place to be at peace. He speaks of how to apply the passion of sports to other aspects of your life, and how being disconnected from that safe place creates bigger issues.


“Wendy is tuned in to the frequency we all need to be on.”
Parker K.
Graduated Division 1 Athlete
“Wendy’s authenticity and insight is palpable. Our connection to her was quick and natural. Her words feel like a beacon of light in the sometimes murky waters of life and parenting. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, Wendy!”
Carrie K.
Mother of two Division 1 Athletes
“As the daughter of a former California Secretary of State, to where she currently resides along her journey, Wendy has acquired the necessary attributes to effectively and compassionately influence and inspire.”
Johnny & Lisa Lopez
Parents of four
Finance & Real Estate Entrepreneurs


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