Go with the Flow

Empowering Women to Honor their Hormone Cycle and Integrate Targeted Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle to Perform and Feel their Best.
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What is Go with the Flow?

Go with the Flow was designed as a 16 week course covering an extensive education on tracking hormones and nutrition throughout the four phases of a woman's hormone cycle, while also developing skills in emotional intelligence, grocery shopping, cooking basics, and more! By integrating individualized nutrition and becoming fluent in the language your body speaks, young women will learn to embrace the untapped power of being a female in sport, as well as how to listen to and embrace your body! This course includes over 75 online fillable or printable worksheets and a BONUS 16 recipes to get your cooking journey started!
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Are You a Female Athlete Who Wants to Maximize Your Performance?

Do you want to gain a better understanding of how your hormone cycle can affect your athletic peformance?
Start now!
Are you a prospective Collegiate Athlete looking to gain a competitive edge?
Go with the Flow is for you!
Do you have a male coach who doesn't have personal experience with the female hormone cycle?
Kahlee York can help guide you through it!
Are you interested in a high level of awareness of your body and how it changes throughout your hormone cycle?
Let's get started today!

This Course is for Women Who...

• Want to achieve sustainable high performance

• Are athletes in the game of life

• Who want to optimize their days according to where they are in their hormone cycle

• Seek to feel their best personally AND athletically

• Want to use targeted nutrition to assist with hormonal highs, lows, and imbalances

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  • 16 week, self-paced course with lifetime access to online course materials
  • Online course materials include 16 sessions designed to be completed one week at a time for the self-paced student.


  • 16 week, group style course with scheduled bimonthly Google Meet presentations with Course Creator, Kahlee York and lifetime access to online course materials
  • This option is good for entire female sports programs, teams, or even a group of friends who want to explore the hormone cycle together.


  • $479 - 16 week, one on one course with flexible bimonthly check-ins and lifetime access to online course materials
  • This is the most intimate version of this course and includes one on one bimonthly meetings with Course Creator, Kahlee York. Course still comes with lifetime access to all online materials.

Are You Ready for
Massive Transformation?

Could you learn all of this on your own? Yes, absolutely. I did! But it was slow, difficult process that took years of studying sports psychology, positive psychology, and neuroscience to get me to where I am at today (not to mention a hefty financial investment).

Most of us don’t have years, nor the tens of thousands of dollars, that kind of self-study requires. Most of us want to start seeing improvement tomorrow.

I want that for you too; which is why I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned into this impactful, self-paced, 8-unit course. If you’re ready for massive transformation in your life, it’s time for High Performance Zen.
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