Why Your Backstory Matters

I started my blog, The Optimists Journal, so my own kids would know more about their backstory.  Yes, it is from my perspective. The beauty of life is that we all get to have one and the better we know ourselves, the more we can connect and relate to the perspectives of others in a healthy way.  Backstory is a writer’s term for the things that affect the plot before the protagonist in the story took over.  You are the protagonist in your own life, and there are many people in your history that affect your backstory.  The kinds of experiences and relationships that characterized the lives of the people in your lineage impacted your young perspective on life. There may be certain roles you play, habits you have, or ways you relate to other people that come from your upbringing.  When you learn to observe your backstory as a catalyst for growth, you are able to connect to your higher self.  And the more you connect to your higher self, the greater your potential for growth and performance in your life, on and off the court. 

To understand where you have come from is never about blame, shame, or guilt…for you or anyone else. I come from the perspective that most people are doing the best they can with what they know, but it is always in our best interest to keep learning. An intimate understanding of our backstory helps us see if the way we view our life, our gifts, and our potential is accurate.  If our self esteem has taken a hit for any reason, we can always correct our course.  If the way we relate to teammates, friends and other relationships in our life isn’t what will help us be better or create more goodness in the lives of others, there are ways we can work on that. It’s so important to remember that above all, we are always works in progress, and whatever you choose to focus on will grow. When we are able to reflect, we can capitalize on the strengths that come from our culture and family and consciously shift away from the patterns that have been detrimental to our growth.  That’s why you are here. To learn about yourself so that you can thrive, perform at your best, and create relationships and a ripple effect of goodness that lasts for generations to come.  

There is a Native American belief called the Seven Generations Principle that says whatever decisions we make should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.  The work you do to know yourself isn’t just important for you. It’s your chance to pay it forward for seven generations to come. Imagine the impact you can have on the world by getting to know yourself.

TASK: Write a Journal Entry.

When reflecting on your past, what is the first thing that pops out in your memory?