Why Self Awareness Matters

The journey to self-awareness is lifelong.  We are works in progress that change and grow as long as we are willing to keep going.  We began this journey by exploring our backstory.  That helps us be conscious of the conditioning and beliefs from experiences that happened in the past that influence what we believe about ourselves.  But examining our backstory only begins to scratch the surface of who we are.  In this unit, you are going to discover your character strengths, examine what motivates you in life, and how to create space in your life to know yourself better and be who you want to be.  I believe that self-awareness is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the next generation.  It opens up our path and helps us realize our gifts and talents so we can live an energized life for ourselves and let our cup spill over with goodness and strength that supports the world around us.  Self-awareness creates authenticity and alignment - which we will talk more about in the next unit - and when we are living in this place the energy to perform and create flows.

The VIA Character assessment that you will take in this unit will rank your 24 Positive Character strengths from highest to lowest. Your top five are what define you the most, and the more you have those strengths in play in your life, the more joy you find in what you do.  What I love about Positive Psychology is that it acknowledges that we are all works in progress, so if there is something near the bottom that you want to bring closer to the top, there are thoughts, habits, and routines you can focus on to make that possible. 

The journey to self-awareness is always possible, it’s something we take on consciously that affects us on such deep subconscious levels.  It’s something I am passionate about bringing to the next generation so that they can discover their calling and find deep fulfillment in their lives. It’s not a journey that seeks perfection or a final destination or result, but it is deeply satisfying and will raise the vibration you put out in the world as you follow it.  The better you know yourself, the more meaning you will be able to create in your life and focus like that brings more good energy and light to everything that you do.  Self-awareness will put you on your own path to greatness, where you can celebrate the high times and believe in yourself even when things get tough.  I’m so grateful to be with you on this journey.  Please reach out with any questions or support that you need. I’m always here for you.