Why is Recovery Important?

We’ve made it to a powerfully quiet unit in this course.  One that asks you to slow down, rest, and recharge for the purpose of lifelong growth and fulfillment.  For a long time, I thought that exhaustion was a badge of honor.  I thought that type A was to be celebrated and type B was lazy.  I didn’t know why doing more wasn’t producing the results that I so desperately wanted to see.  To slow down or rest signaled laziness in my mind and I felt ashamed of it.   I thought I had to be productive all the time to achieve my goals, that multitasking was the way, and that somehow busyness defined my worth.  But busyness without intention is an exhausting way to live. To put it bluntly, I was burnt out.  And it wasn’t until I discovered that rest and recovery were an integral part of finding sustainable flow in my life that I began to connect to my true self. 

Neurochemically, we need recovery so that we can access flow states, that as athletes benefit us and help us find the best versions of ourselves in the moments where it matters most.  As humans, we need those same neurochemicals to connect to our purpose and find deep meaning in our lives.  Once again, we see that what benefits you on the court, also makes your entire life better.  If we practice a recovery routine consistently, it shows up in our lives and on the court and helps us create sustainable progress and a rewarding flow state.  

In this unit, we will give you ideas for beneficial ways to seek active recovery that will recharge your body, mind & spirit and bring balance back to your nervous system.  You will also learn about the profound importance of sleep, the backbone of our health and performance.  With all that you learn, I hope that you will grant yourself the permission to slow down and carve out the time to recharge.  It may seem like you can push through things, and as athletes, we are good at that, and still achieve your goals. In the short term that is absolutely possible.  But if you are training for the long game, rest and recovery are what will make the journey one that you can enjoy.  Recovery allows you to connect to the deepest parts of yourself and restore your energy so that you can attack the work head-on, slip into flow state and amaze yourself with what you can accomplish.  Do less, Be more.  It is possible, and in that place, you will feel the truest version of yourself.