Why is Alignment Important?

You have done the work to create an Empowered Mindset and have a better understanding for who you are and what makes you unique.  Now, you get to align your knowledge and create a philosophy for your life. For a long time, the visual I had of my life was like a waitress walking down a flight of stairs balancing trays and spinning plates as I tried desperately not to let them fall.  I loved, I worked, I tried…but I didn’t have an intention.  I wasn’t aligned with a deeper understanding of who I was and what I was about.  I reacted to life to make other people happy and tried to create meaning from that.  In essence, I had it backward. So, I began to write more, The Optimists Journal was born, and with that deeper self-awareness, I was able to connect my vision for my life with my values and create alignment in my everyday life and relationships.  It was electric, purpose was born, and it created an energy and a connection with the people around me that changed my life. 

To quote LSU beach volleyball alum Kahlee York from episode 3 of my What I Meant to Say podcast; 

“When you fill up your cup, you don't have to pour out, eventually it will overflow.” 

Alignment with your philosophy and purpose allows you to know how to take care of yourself and overflow with love, kindness, and create meaningful connections with your family, friends, and teammates and they know what they can consistently count on from you. 

When we understand who we are, what we enjoy and what matters most to us, we can use our unique gifts and talents not just to make our day better but leave a lasting impression on the world around us.  We wear so many hats in our life…teammate, student, parent, athlete, friend. But when we have a philosophy and purpose to ignite our energy and understand why we show up the way we do, not only do we find more gratitude for life, the people around us know what we are about and what they can count on from us.  This builds trust in families, teams, friends and the goodness you contribute builds bonds that last a lifetime.  

When you align with your personal philosophy you will understand which activities to say yes to, what boundaries to create for yourself for you to stay on your path, and your energy for the work that must be put in to accomplish your goals will be sustainable.  Alignment with your vision will give you the energy and grounded optimism to keep going in the tough moments of this journey that are inevitable.  

In this Unit, you will understand how to find alignment between who you are, your values, and vision for your life. When you have that, the way you show up for yourself, your coaches, teammates, teachers, and friends will create a ripple effect of greatness that will leave your unique mark on the world.