Morning Ritual

I have a saying…Morning is best, and for me, it’s true.  Since I was in college, I have risen early because I can’t stand to miss my favorite part of the day and I’ve always had a routine that gets me out the door, most of the time with an optimistic outlook for what is ahead of me. In the morning, everything feels possible and my energy is usually soaring.  

Whether that is true for you too, or you are a night owl or anywhere in between, a morning ritual will help you feel grounded, organized, and ready for the day ahead. Rituals look different for everyone, so take the time to design your own.  What quiet spaces do you enjoy? Does the climate in your area allow you to take some time outside? Do you like to journal, meditate, read, or listen to a podcast or music? Are you an early breakfast eater or do you enjoy coffee or tea in your favorite mug? Do you have vitamins you take or get your first glass of water down soon after waking up?  Even adding a diffuser with some essential oils for aromatherapy can add energy to your ritual. 

TASK: Download the following worksheet and create your own morning ritual.

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