Learning to 'Be Better'

I’ve come a long way in the last five years.  In March of 2016, I wrote my first Optimists Journal blog at a time when I was only putting my thoughts down in hopes that my kids would understand who I was and what I was thinking when they were old enough and ready to understand.  Thanks to my awesome technical knowledge at the time, I lost the first 10-20 while updating my website…on my own, bad idea. From the start, my writing was a mix of sports, relationships, and mindset.  Since then, I’ve gone down many rabbit holes to discover the facts behind mindfulness, sleep, nutrition, recovery science, and how they relate to telling an optimistic, and ultimately triumphant, life story... I have proven to myself that telling stories is an amazing way to heal, learn, teach, and encourage others to reflect on their own story to celebrate the good and learn from the challenges.  Writing gives me clarity where I didn’t have it before and helps me see where to step next on the path ahead. Over this time, the process has proven to be fulfilling in ways I didn't know when I started. At that point, I just knew I had to do the next right thing. I’ve learned all about the depths of imposter syndrome and how to trust my gut.  As I’ve moved through, one day at a time, my confidence and knowledge of myself and what I am meant to say and do on this journey has been a transformation from feeling small and unworthy to aligned and connected with my own gifts and talents and recognize how to connect them with all of the good and passionate people in the world.

I believe that the greatest gift we can give to the next generation is our own self-awareness, so I work to do things that build mine, set an example, and teach them how to extend grace to themselves and others when things get dicey.  If you have signed up for a membership, I wanted to thank you for being a part of this inner circle, for emailing me when something I say resonates, or even telling me when you disagree.  I don’t believe we all have to see the world the same, or that if you don’t agree with me, it’s a mark on your character.  I wish I felt that sentiment throughout our society when discussing so many important issues of the day. My new site, www.bebetterwithwendyjones.com, has ways we can keep up this conversation and learn how to be better together.

As always, I have a few takeaways and things I’ve learned through this process over the last five years:

  • Building a team of like minds, with a myriad of talents, allows everyone to do what they do best.  No one is meant to walk this road alone. We are all connected.
  • I know real healing has happened when my inner life, outer life, and online life have massive synchronicity. The lessons that I have learned are also the lessons I can teach, and yet I continue to feel them again on a bigger stage with even deeper meaning.  There is no point of arrival, just the continual pull to learn more and do better with the knowledge gained.
  • When I write, I feel a deep connection with my purpose: to connect generations through an understanding of what makes us whole and create relationships that leave legacies.
  • Every moment of this journey, from second-guessing, learning to be seen, letting go of the fear of what other people think, and even the days spent sitting in pajamas on the couch paralyzed with fear that I couldn’t say what I wanted to say on my own, were an integral part of this journey.  Like everything else, it’s all connected, and it all had to happen to Be Better.  Nothing has been wasted.

Now you will get to see my vision to connect generations of athletes and parents and inspire them to be better, one day at a time, and create a community of excellence and inclusion.

What I know to be true today is that the process really is the dream, and every day I enjoy the process that I have created. Your process will create room for you and everyone around you to shine.  And that is exactly what I want to bring forth in this new space.  Are you ready? I am.

TASk: Write a Journal Entry.

What is one way you have learned to enjoy the process to "be better?"