Create an Environment to Thrive

I remember growing up my bedroom was always a place to escape when the world became overwhelming.  As a sensitive and empathic person, I realize now I was overloaded by all that I was taking in every day and my room was a quiet spot to recharge.  Back then there was no cell phone, and I could detach from people and feelings that were weighing on me.  We all need a place that is special where we can spend time daily to recharge.  No matter what your age or stage, whether it's a bedroom, dorm room, apartment, or home, find a little piece of real estate and make it yours.  One of my kids used to make hers in the closet, with the light flipped on and a stack of books.  It always made me happy to see her seeking her own little space.  

Ideas to make your sacred space abound.  Pick your spot.  Add your favorite books, ways to listen to music, sounds, or meditations.  Banish social media from this space.  What smells do you like?  Maybe you want to add a diffuser and essential oils. They have calming or energizing properties depending on what you choose, but they are magic. (There are recommendations on where to get one in the High-Performance Zen Resources Guide at the end of the course). What pictures make you happy?  Is your vision board in this space?  Bring your favorite snack or tea and enjoy it there by yourself.  Maybe all of this doesn't apply to an indoor space for you and your sacred space is outside.  There are no right or wrong answers. Take your time, create your space and use it daily.  This is the recharge you need to sustain a High-Performance Zen lifestyle through your life and no matter what life brings your way.

TASK: Create your Own Sacred Space.