Align With Your Truth

TASK: Follow the instructions below to create a word cloud and cross-reference it with the results from your VIA Character Assessment to develop a Personal Philosophy.

Go To and sign up for a free account.  There is no need to pay for anything, the word cloud that you can make for individual use is sufficient for great art and self-awareness. 

Word clouds are tons of fun.  Ask yourself what words matter to you? Values, places, people, roles that you play, places you’ve been…these words can be anything that mean something special or reminds you of yourself and your experience in life. Just let your mind wander and start typing, fill in as many words as you can in 5 minutes and vizzlo will populate the word cloud for you.  After you have all of your words typed in and populated, you can choose different colors and fonts that you like and then print it out.  

In your journal, write down your top five character strengths from the VIA Character Assessment that you took. Then take the words in the word cloud that resonate most with you and see if any of them have anything in common. Begin to use your word cloud and your character traits to come up with a personal philosophy…a place where your vision and values intersect. 

A personal philosophy can be as long as 25 words, and as few as one.  The only other requirement is that it is uniquely you.  This is your why, your own powerful truth. 

The first time I wrote mine, at Dr. Michael Gervais’s, Compete to Create Workshop, I came up with this:

“To create calm and connection with every breath and movement.”

That was three years ago but it still feels unique to me. 

Wrestle with, ask questions in the Facebook group, and share it if you want to. 

TASK: Write a Journal Entry using your new Personal Philosophy.