From Scarcity to Abundance

Mindset is a choice and that takes training. In sports, we hear a lot about Growth vs. Fixed Mindset, which we talked about in the last two lessons. There is another perspective that is imperative that we look at because when we make the right shift, we are able to maximize our joy and potential in each day. I'm talking about making the shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. I had never learned these terms until a few years ago, but I recognized their characteristics immediately.

Move from a Scarcity to an Abundance Mindset

  1. Think Radically Big instead of Small
  2. Think Plenty vs. Lack
  3. Happiness instead of Resentment
  4. Be Curious instead of Fearful
  5. Be Proactive instead of Reactive
  6. Keep Learning instead of Knowing it all
  7. Focus on What is Working
  8. Focus on Strength not Weakness

Maybe the shift doesn't happen overnight, but the more we can move our minds toward the adoption of an abundance mindset, the more options, and choices you see in your life. Abundance mindset creates a rising tide and knows that there is no limit on personal success. It tells you that a teammate's accomplishments will never take away from your own, but rather increase everyone's potential for performance. It allows us to see that our path doesn't compete with anyone else's because abundance mindset focuses on collaboration instead of competition. Think teamwork over individual performance. When we are on the court, we don't have to play every position, which frees us up to do what we do best. The same is true in life. Focus on your talents and let other people fill in the gaps. If you start to feel less than or jealous, come back to visualize and focus on what you do well. Best of all an abundance mindset frees us to be ourselves and not judge, criticize and label others for who they are. With this reality, we are more able to focus on our own goals instead of looking to either side of us to see what others are doing. An abundance mindset celebrates our uniqueness and allows us to overcome challenges and be a stronger member of a team.

Imagine an environment where everyone could shine and use their talents without creating any jealousy or judgment, and then be part of creating one. The abundance mindset creates freedom to grow so that everyone can reach their fullest potential.

TASK: Download and print the Mindset Matters PDF document. Pick one of the mindsets (growth vs. fixed, abundance vs. scarcity), and write a Journal Entry about where you fall on one of these spectrums.