Lesson 4: Action Step

Action Steps are taking information -> integration

Developing your Action Steps is unique to your individual life. This isn’t about making life altering changes. It’s about implementing small changes over time and becoming consistent with those changes. With a lot of new information coming in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel as though you want to do it all correctly immediately, but it’s important to give yourself time and grace as you learn and adjust.

Action Steps are all about the intention! Making an intention each day to integrate healthy habits and assessing the results from there with curiosity and without judgment.

Guess what? You've already completed the Action Step for Day 1 during the Intro to Tracking lesson. For the remainder of this week, your Action Step is to use the worksheets below, one per day, to identify how satisfied you are with different Primary Foods in your daily life. You can choose to fill in the worksheet online and save it straight to your computer, or if you'd prefer to print it and write out your answers, the choice is yours! Enjoy the process of learning to embrace your Primary Foods.