Lesson 2: Intro to Tracking

The first step to making any sort of change in your life is becoming aware of the habits and patterns that are already happening. By using the worksheets provided throughout this course, you will begin to develop a greater understanding of patterns relating to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I would recommend creating a new file folder where you can save all your completed worksheets for this course.

There are four main worksheets used throughout this course that will help teach you how to track:

  1. Circle of Life - Check In: identify how satisfied you are with each Primary Food by putting a dot near the center for dissatisfied and toward the outer ring for extremely satisfied.
    • Record your highlight and hardship for the week in the space provided:
      • Highlight - a primary food that you feel happy with that week.
      • Hardship - a primary food that you may be struggling with that week.
    • Hormone Cycle - record where you think you are in your hormone cycle and use this space to reflect how you integrated the previous week's Action Step into your daily life.
    • Reminder: this worksheet is going to look completely different week to week, and that's OK!
  2. Hormone Calendar: utilize these calendars to mark down the days that you are on your period.
    • There are four calendars provided in this course. The first one provided is the Menstrual Calendar seen below. This calendar is intended for you to print and use to help you start to track your hormone cycle during this entire four month course.
      • Use Menstrual Calendar for Weeks 1-4.
      • Mark down the days that you're on your period.
        • this is done to track how long your period is and the duration between each period to determine if your period is regular or irregular
      • On the days you don't have your period, explore how your mind and body feel and note it on your calendar. Does what you are currently feeling align with anything you are learning as you go through this course?
    • While there are a variety of ways to track each phase, the purpose of this particular course is to cover the foundational aspect of tracking your period.
    • However, it is important to start paying attention to how your body feels and changes week to week.
  3. Discussion: digest and consider what you've learned each week using the questions provided.
  4. Action Step: implement an action or change into your routine. For the first three weeks, these Action Steps require daily attention, then your Action Steps become more of a once a week activity.
  5. Recipes: 16 BONUS Recipes to help jumpstart your personal cooking journey!

Using the Week 1 Day 1 worksheet below, answer the questions in the space provided. This is the beginning of the Action Step for this week! You can choose to fill in the worksheet online and save it straight to your computer, or if you'd prefer to print it and write out your answers, the choice is yours!!!

*Please note that nothing I am sharing is medical advice and should not be regarded as such. I am sharing information I have gathered through my education and experiences as a top-level athlete. While everything I’m sharing is naturalone should consult with a doctor before making any dramatic changes. Take what fits for you and leave the rest!