Lesson 3: Hormone Cycle Tracking

Hormone Calendar:

  • Utilize the calendars below to mark down the days that you are on your period.
    • There are four calendars provided in this course. The first one was included in Week 1 Lesson 1, and the additional three are provided below. These calendars are intended to help you continue to track your hormone cycle during this entire four month course.
      • Follicular Calendar - Weeks 5-8
      • Ovulation Calendar - Weeks 9-12
      • Luteal Calendar - Weeks 13-16
      • Mark down the days that you're on your period.
        • this is done to track how long your period is and the duration between each period to determine if your period is regular or irregular
      • On the days you don't have your period, explore how your mind and body feel and note it on your calendar. Does what you are currently feeling align with anything you are learning as you go through this course?
    • While there are a variety of ways to track each phase, the purpose of this particular course is to cover the foundational aspect of tracking your period.
    • However, it is important to start paying attention to how your body feels and changes week to week.