Lesson 1: Introduction to Circle of Life - Check In

Welcome to Go with the Flow! I'm stoked that you are here to learn about your menstrual cycle, hormones, and how we can use targeted nutrition to help balance the hormones you experience during each phase of your cycle. During Week One's Circle of Life - Check in, I want to give you an outline of the structure, the lingo we will use, the expectations throughout this course, and lastly, we’ll dive right into our first topic!

  • There are a variety of Worksheets provided to you throughout this course. Most of these worksheets are online fillable forms that you can edit and save straight to your computer or you can also print them out and write directly on them. Whatever you decide, make the choice that is right for you and have fun with it!
  • Some worksheets are designed for you to print and have as references or reminders of the important takeaways throughout this course.
  • Each week will begin with the Circle of Life - Check In Worksheet to see where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally coming into the week. This is also where you will reflect on the Action Step from the previous week.
  • Next, you are introduced to the topic of the week. We will alternate between hormones and nutrition because we will set a baseline knowledge about our hormones, then we will learn how to use nutrition to help balance our hormones during the four phases of our cycle in order to maximize performance on the court AND in life.
  • Explore and reflect using the Discussion Worksheet after learning the topic of the week.
  • At the conclusion of each week, you will create and/or complete the provided Action Step for the upcoming week. So, at the beginning of your next week, you will reflect on how those went. 
    • Some of these Action Steps have been created for you, however, there is no pressure for these to look a certain way. Keep it simple, honor how you feel, and listen to your gut!

Let's Talk Lingo

  • Two distinct aspects of Food that we will talk about consistently throughout this course are Primary and Secondary Food.
  • Primary Food: these are the aspects of our life that don’t include food, but provide nourishment to our body, mind, and spirit. This includes what we call the Circle of Life:
Circle of Life - Primary Foods
  • Secondary Food is the actual food we eat and is relatively simple once we have the information and use it to best serve our individual needs. However, our ability to apply the information is directly impacted by our relationship with Primary Food.

Course Expectations

  • The only expectation is open and honest communication with yourself! This course was designed to help you on your journey to become the best version of yourself, but you will only get out of it what you put into it.
  • Goal Setting: SMART - Print out the worksheet below and write your SMART goals for this Go with the Flow Course. Keep in mind that this course is a 16-week course! It is designed for you to take your time, learn about your body, and enjoy the journey!