Lesson 1: Circle of Life - Check In

This the last Circle of Life - Check In for your Go with the Flow course! You should be extremely proud of all the work that you've done. Just one more week of information coming at you, so take advantage and enjoy it!

Using the worksheet below, consider how satisfied you are with each Primary Food by putting a dot near the center for dissatisfied and toward the outer ring for extremely satisfied, then identify your highlight and hardship for the week.

  • Highlight - a primary food that you feel happy with that week.
  • Hardship - a primary food that you may be struggling with that week.
  • Hormone Cycle - record where you think you are in your hormone cycle and use this space to reflect on and answer the following questions:
    • How did your Action Steps go?
    • What worked for you? What didn't?
    • Did you feel a difference? Can you describe it?
    • What was easy for you or challenging? Why?
    • How do you feel about integrating the Action Steps into your daily life and do you feel like you will use what you've learned in this course is something you will use more?

You can choose to fill in the worksheet online and save it straight to your computer, or if you'd prefer to print it and write out your answers, the choice is yours. You are almost done! Finish strong!!