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Save Our Sport


How to Create an Audience with Open Ears

Connections from A Distance

Three Truths from the Quiet

How to Find Calm in the Uncertain Present

Learned Optimism

Real Optimism

Feel The Noise

What Lies Beneath Our Feet

What’s Meant to Be

The Simple Life

The Evolution of Confidence

Calm in the Chaos

Confidence & Connection


What is Your Why!

My People

Bolder Today

Force Vs. Flow

Why Not Be An Optimist

Generations of Inspiration


The Changing Tide

The Sporting Life

Perfectly Imbalanced

Extra or Enough

The Long Ball

My Happiness Contract

His Perfect Day

Defining Strength

To My Oldest...on Her 17th Birthday

Own Your Energy


Reasons For Saying Goodbye

A Time To Heal

When to Say When

Purpose > Pleasure

A New Normal

New Beginnings

Freedom on the Open Road

10 Ways to Find Optimism in Fearful Times

Flow Like Water

Finding Our Flow

Uncover the Power of Your Story

Sh#t Happens

100 Years

Why Your Backstory Matters

The Hidden Meaning of Resistance

Lost and Found

The Permission Slip

The Game of Life

An Optimist’s Lens

The Conscious Citizen

Moving On

The Power of Breath

The Voice That Matters Most

Faith, Presence & Solitude

Coming Home

Blending Life

Honor Your Path

Big Dreams, Small Steps

The Truth In Our Hearts

Brave Heart

Growth Minded Patriotism

The Courage To Confront

The Paths That Lead Us Home

Fields To Beaches

Live and Learn

Aqua Healing

Renegade Leader

Finding Calm

The Strength in Surrender

Thanks for the Memories

A Centenarian’s Happy Hour

The Heart Of A Champion

As Fate Would Have It

It’s All Connected

What’s In A Name

A True Statesman

Young Hearts and Old Souls

Wisdom Works Both Ways

To Raise a Champion

Blue Eyed Boy

Seeking and Shining

New York Is Always A Good Idea

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The Heart of an Optimist

Active Optimism

The Game Changer

Be Better

The Two Way Street of Self Awareness

Reflections on Motherhood

Faith Trembles


Just Another Four Letter Word

Heavy Clay

Feet In the Sand

The Power of Character

Be Your Own Hero

The Hands is Time

A Short Philosophy for A Long Life

Real Life Drama

Train Different

Embrace Comfort

The Flow of Life

Pain and Progress

I Am

The Wrinkles of Time

Love is 100%

The Humble Warrior


The Wisdom In the Lyrics

To Learn & Teach

The Boy of Yesterday, The Man of Tomorrow

How a Fortune Cookie’s Simple Wisdom...

Choose Your Energy

Writing for Regeneration

Cultivating Growth The Paths That Lead Us Home

Be “Good”

Let It Go

Girl Power

Let Them Be Little

The Myth of Perfection


To My Original on Her 13th Birthday

Yogi Thoughts

My Kids Are My Gift

Water Dreams

Just Float

Being a Creative