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I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember, and spent the last 10 years sitting in gyms and on the beach watching my kids compete and having conversations about the stress levels and expectations that athletes carry while pursuing their dreams. For the last 20 years I have been a parent on a journey teaching four different kids many lessons, often through the lens of sports, about life. Let me help you be better.
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Be Better.... was founded to create a rising tide for every athlete, parent, professional, legend, and coach in the game by connecting them with the most up close and personal content to train a strong mind, body, and spirit and foster inclusion and excellence, not just as athletes, but as human beings who will excel far beyond the court into the game of life.

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From Serving to Sideout and every skill in between, learn from the pros to take your game to the next level.

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Watch and listen to what the best coaches in the land have to say from game skills to the mindsets of their most coachable athletes.

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Looking for a club? A Camp? Need a podcast for your drive to the game? We got you.

What People Say About Wendy

“Wendy is the real deal. She writes and supports people from the heart. Her story is absolutely incredible, and as a mother and business owner myself, I appreciate her ability to share authentically from the her lived experience in the cauldron of generational consciousness to help shed light on what works, what motivates, and what can help us to heal, become whole and reach our potential.”

Emily Hightower

Resilience Coach
“Wendy is empathetic and highly educated, making her adeptly qualified to listen, appreciate, and add value. All too often we hear people speak of motivation and performance, yet they have limitations. To have a meaningful impact upon someone’s life, a coach has to have lived meaningfully. As the daughter of a former California Secretary of State, to where she currently resides along her journey, Wendy has acquired the necessary attributes to effectively and compassionately influence and inspire."

Johnny & Lisa Lopez

Parents of four
Finance & Real Estate Entrepreneurs
“Wendy is one of the most thoughtful, considerate and optimistic people I know. Her ability to step back and see the big picture is her super power. She has this innate ability to shift perspectives and connect people through understanding. This skill mixed with her compassionate heart and love of community makes her a wonderful friend, confidant, coach, and healer.“

Amanda Lee Murphy

LA Entrepreneur Top 25 Yoga Influencer

Our Purpose

“To connect generations of volleyball players and parents with stories of resilience and optimism through sport that inspire us to challenge ourselves to find our own greatness and accept the experiences of others with more compassion and less judgement to create a more inclusive volleyball community free of entitlement culture. Simply put, we strive to create a better world through volleyball.”


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