Some Words About Wendy…

Wendy Jones is a storyteller, optimism & resilience coach, founder of The Optimists Journal and author of 365 Days of Optimism. Through writing, speaking, and coaching, she uses her experiences as a mother, athlete, and yogi to teach people to find flow state in their lives. Her life philosophy is “to create calm and connection with every breath and movement” and knows that from this place we can create flow state in our lives. As a mother of four who has experienced both trauma and triumph in her own life, she knows how to use gratitude, presence, and breath to observe, learn, and connect through the blessings and challenges that the parent/child bond brings.

So often as parents we feel anxiety over the things we cannot control.  With the experience of parenting four children over twenty years, Wendy has realized that the best gift you can give your children is your own journey to self awareness and teaching them to embark upon one of their own.  From this place we can create an environment built around safety, consistency, and love that teaches lessons, through action, that last a lifetime.