I write so that I can learn to describe myself.  Faith filled Catholic, mother of four, aging athlete, music lover, yoga enthusiast, believer in miracles, optimism and that swimming through life both physically and metaphorically can provide a lot of clarity, these things are all true about me.  But the more I write, I discover deeper layers of truth and want to share them.  I believe that our connection is found in our imperfect and even broken stories if we have the courage to tell them. Some of mine include surviving divorce, an autism diagnosis and a near death experience for my youngest. Through all of this I have challenged my resilience and found that life can be a beautiful place even in the face of adversity and that some of my greatest lessons and highest highs have been because I have stared down the things I was most afraid of and I’m still here to tell the story.  Life is a gift and a journey and I don’t want to take one second of that for granted.