Raise Your Vibration

Life moves fast, and our choices create patterns…some of which we want to continue, some that if we are observant, […]
Wendy Jones
February 7, 2021

Life moves fast, and our choices create patterns…some of which we want to continue, some that if we are observant, we learn from and choose to change.  There is nothing that inspires me more, and raises my vibration, than making choices that not only make my days brighter, but help put the next generation on their own path to greatness. It might sound like a lot of pressure, but it’s actually not, because what elevates our days, and helps elevate theirs, is to live, not hide from or try to control life. When we break through to the freedom of being real, surrender the need to control the narrative of life, and stop sweeping things under the rug. Under that rug is where all the low vibrations live and I have a visual that runs through my mind frequently of pulling it up off the ground and shaking it out…and the bad energy just dissipates. And that’s when we find our flow. 

As our country has moved through some serious states of upheaval in the past year, I have watched, participated, and taken in the energy around me. Its crazy to realize how directly what goes on in our own kitchen’s influences the world.  To put it simply, we have a responsibility to our connections, community, and the world to be people who raise instead of lower the vibration around us. If you are new to vibrational energy, let me explain a little further.  Our world is made of energy, every atom vibrates with it, and on a human level, that includes not just our physical bodies, but our thoughts and emotions as well.  Certain emotions are associated with certain vibrations.  High vibrations are marked by contentment, happiness, optimism, kindness, love, joy, freedom….you get the idea, all the emotions that make life great.  We feel low vibrations when we or the people around us embody the emotions of fear, shame, guilt, pessimism, jealousy, rage, powerlessness…you get the idea and I’m sure you’ve encountered the difference of how you feel when these emotions are within you or circling around you. If our vibration is high, we feel the repelling quality of low vibrations…and it works the other way around too.  Some people won’t want to be around high vibrations if they are stuck in cycles of guilt, shame, or fear and work subconsciously to bring the high vibrations down. 

What we learn is what we teach.  All my life, I have been sensitive to the energy that I feel from other people.  Learning how it affects my thoughts, emotions and the productivity of my day has been a major focus and lesson for me over the last five years.  There was a time when I didn’t know how to recognize it, low vibrations would make me feel uncomfortable, sad, or like I had nothing to add to a situation, or even worse, that it was my job to fix. Unless you understand what’s going on vibrationally, you can get sucked into a sea of sadness and can’t understand you feel so low.  These days, I know what to do, how to identify what I feel and set my boundaries accordingly.

Life happens, so much of it is not in our control, but it’s empowering to believe that even just our thoughts can create positive momentum around us.  Vibration is a state of being.  When we learn how to release fear, live in the present, and embrace forgiveness, there is no limit for how high we can go. Sometimes people get stuck in a low vibration that feels normal to them because fear, shame, and guilt have a hold of them. They have been living it for so long they don’t even know it.  Vibrations that continue over time set up generational patterns and conditioning. And if low vibrations have taken hold, and even repeated themselves, as patterns in families have a tendency to do, we have to know how to release the lower vibrations for higher vibrations. This is where the investment comes in. In order to change the pattern, the generational vibration has to be strong, by at least one person, and that is what inspires me everyday and continues to help me live in a state of mindfulness, optimism, and even joy most of the time and see quickly if I am being tripped up by a lower vibrational force. 

Here are a few fast ways to raise your vibrational energy when it’s low:

  1. Take a walk barefooted in the soil - Grounding, as it is called, has been shown to anchor us and make us feel more stable and calm

  2. Do a Yoga Flow - the breath to movement of yoga calms our nervous system and raises our vibration in a matter of minutes. Stick with it for 30 mins or an hour and add some heat and prepare for transformation.

  3. Make a ‘Let it go list’. Read it out loud, then burn it and let it go. Surrender is always the first step to progress

  4. Connection with a friend who has good vibes. We don’t always have to be on the giving end or give off false positivity. Sometimes its our turn to receive, trust that you will be there for your friends on the day that they need you and lean in.

  5. Burn sage throughout your living space. When sage is burned it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people in a positive mood. Works for me every time!

I’ll leave you with a quote that struck me this week: 

"Children do not need answers from us as much as they need to see us model peace with not knowing.”

In the end, there is so much out of our control, but peace will leave us with a high vibration and improve life for ourselves and everyone around us.  Through mindfulness we can control our thoughts, and with our thoughts we can raise our vibration.  The most enlightened among us know that they don’t have all the answers, but they sure do seem to enjoy the process…and that’s what I aspire to learn and teach every single day. 

With Love & Optimism,


Missed seeing this girl in concert with Tim McGraw back in September…great voice & lyrics…can’t wait for live music to make it’s comeback!

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About the author:
Wendy Jones is a mother of four, lifelong athlete, writer, and optimism & resilience coach and speaker. Through 20 years of parenting and relationship struggles, she believes that vulnerability and our willingness to share our stories is a way to heal ourselves

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